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Reheating Tea Side Effects: Why shouldn't the leftover tea be reheated and drunk?  Learn here...

Reheating Tea: Drinking tea after reheating can cause many damages to the body.

Reheating Tea Side Effects: Indians and their love for tea is not hidden from anyone. Most of us start our day with a cup of hot tea. So in the evening as soon as it is 5 o’clock all of us are already ready to drink tea. But there are many people who will not refuse if given tea at any time. Even some people make more tea at one go and drink it after heating it whenever they feel like it. But do you know that drinking tea after heating it again can cause many damages to the body. If you also do this work, then leave this habit from today itself.

Here Are The Side Effects Of Reheating Tea:

1. Headache-

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If you also have the habit of reheating the leftover tea and drinking it, then be careful. Because it can cause indigestion and it can cause headache.

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2. Blood pressure-

Blood pressure patients should not drink tea after heating it again. Because when tea is heated again, the amount of caffeine in it increases, which can work to increase blood pressure.

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3. Digestion

If you are already troubled by the problem of digestion, then note that do not drink the kept tea after heating it again. Because the acidic properties present in tea can increase the acid in the stomach. Due to which stomach pain and digestion problems can occur.

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4. Heartburn-

Tea should always be consumed fresh. By the way, the consumption of tea and coffee should be avoided on an empty stomach. But, if you reheat the stored tea and drink it, it can cause heartburn.

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