Ram Pothineni: Rapo Dimmatirige action in the middle of 1500 rowdies..

Ram Fight

Ram pothine is being raked. He is crushing a batch of villains who obstruct him. Everyone is laughing. Where are you going..! Director Boyapati’s movie set. S! After Akhanda Boyapati Srinu.. Ram Pothineni as the hero.. a movie is being made. As a high-end action entertainer.. they are trying to carve this movie as well. And this star director has planned a huge action scene with Ustad Ram. According to that.. in the middle of about 1500 hundred people.. swaying with heroism.. Boyapati is shooting an action episode that crushes all of them. This scene is being shot recently in a huge set in Hyderabad.. Stunt Shiva action direction.. And the same thing is now going viral. The craze over eMovie is starting the buzz.

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