Proddatur Politics: MLC Ramesh is my class.. YCP MLA Rachamallu made key comments.. | YSRCP MLA Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy interesting comments on MLC Ramesh Yadav Over Proddatur Group Politics

Proddutur MLA Rachamallu made critical comments on YCP MLC Ramesh Yadav. He said that he has no special love for Ramesh as he is his classmate. So, what is the meaning behind Rachamallu’s comments? What is going on in Proddatur?

MLA Rachamallu Sivaprasad Reddy made hot comments on group politics in Proddutur YCP. MLC Ramesh Yadav reacted differently to the campaign that he is maintaining a faction. MLC Ramesh Yadav is my disciple. He has no caste. Moreover, MLA Rachamallu said that Ramesh is his colleague. He said that MLC Ramesh has no special love for him as he is his classmate. Proddutur MLA Sivaprasad Reddy commented that he is neither his long-time friend nor his brother.

MLA Rachamallu says that MLC Ramesh Yadav is not a real politician. He said that the original did not have the power to maintain the class. CM Jagan and MP Avinash Reddy came to him from Hyderabad and bowed at his feet and said that he made him MLC. Rachamallu said Kothapalle Sarpanch Sivachandra Reddy was his follower.

Rachamallu claimed that he was the one who won Sivachandra Reddy as Sarpanch. However, Sivaprasad Reddy commented that even if MLC Ramesh Yadav and Sarpanch Sivachandra Reddy do not cooperate with him in the next election, there is no loss.

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