Prabhas: Do you know what Prabhas does when he gets annoyed?.. Gopichand who told the real secret to Balayya.. | Gopichand Reveals secret about Prabhas what does he do when he gets annoyed in Balakrishna’s Unstoppable With NBK 2 telugu cinema news

Recently, Pan India star Prabhas made a noise with his friend macho hero Gopichand. Their episode broke the streaming records. Aha app also crashed for the first episode which was streamed on December 29.

Fans are eagerly waiting for Prabhas movies. Aha brought their hero directly to the fans who are eagerly waiting for Darling movie updates. Unstoppable with NBK season 2, hosted by Nandamuri Balakrishna in the Telugu OTT medium, is a huge success. Pan India star Prabhas recently made noise with his friend macho hero Gopichand in this show, which has already featured many cine-political celebrities. Their episode broke the streaming records. While the Aha app also crashed for the first episode which was streamed on December 29, the second episode which was released recently received an unexpected level of views. Hero Gopichand revealed interesting things about Prabhas in this. Not only that.. He also told what he would do when the darling who always looks fun and silent gets annoyed. Currently, a video related to this is doing the rounds.

In this episode there was a lot of discussion about Prabhas’ marriage. After that Gopichand revealed Darling’s personal details one by one. In this sequence, Balayya asked Prabhas what he would do if he was annoyed and Gopichand told the real secret. He gestured that if he got annoyed, he would make everyone around him leave.. Then he would go to the side and smoke a cigarette. Everyone knows that Darling has a smoking habit.

And Prabhas said that since his childhood, he loves forests.. If he is free, he goes to the forests with his friends.. That’s why he has adopted the forest here too.. Can you raise wild animals too? Prabhas said that he asked the government. Darling is currently busy with Salaar and Project K.

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