PM Modi: Meet Educated Muslim Youth… Directions to Leaders at BJP National Executive Meeting | Connect with Muslims, PM Modi’s Message for BJP Leaders at national executive meeting on Tuesday

There are only 400 days left for the parliamentary elections. Prime Minister Modi called on the BJP national executive committee meetings to focus on winning more seats than before. Nadda’s tenure as BJP president has been extended for another year.

There is only 400 days deadline for the Parliament elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon the party ranks to give all their strength for victory in the BJP National Executive Committee meetings. Leaders were advised to pay special attention to young voters in the age group of 18-25 years. They want to reach out to all communities including the Muslim community. Modi said BJP is not just a political party but a social movement. Prime Minister Modi said that the golden age is coming to India and the cadre should work for development. We need to connect with all sections of the society. The office bearers were advised to prioritize reaching out to all sections of the society.

The party leaders were advised not to worry about votes but to establish sensitive relations with the people of all sections of the society. Prime Minister Modi asked the leaders to reach out to the professional and educated people of the minority community including Bohra, Pasmanda Muslims, Sikh and Christian communities without worrying about votes. Because BJP is not only about votes. The party leaders were advised not only to go to university and church but also to establish relations with all sections of the society.

Prime Minister Modi told the party leaders that the country’s youth between the ages of 18 and 25 should serve the voters and tell the difference between good governance and bad governance. They want to bring to the attention of the youth how corruption and irregularities took place during the reign of the previous governments and how the governance is going on badly. He said that he never considered the opposition as weak.. But everyone wants to play their role.

BJP president extended Nadda’s tenure by one year. This was announced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah after the BJP national executive meeting. Amit Shah said that BJP will contest in 2024 Parliament elections under the leadership of JP Nadda. He said that Nadda will continue as BJP president till June 2024. The BJP National Working Committee approved the resolution moved by Union Minister Rajnath Singh to extend Nadda’s tenure. Amit Shah said that Nadda played a vital role in strengthening the BJP institutionally. Nadda said that 1 lakh 30 thousand booth level committees have been built.

There was also a key discussion on the Telugu states in the BJP National Working Committee meetings. The leaders were advised to focus on strengthening the party organizationally.

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