Petrol Expiry Time: Do you know what happens if you put petrol in a car and leave it aside.. | Is it safe to keep petrol in the vehicle tank of car, does it go bad, how many days it takes to use it

Do not park the vehicle after pouring more petrol. Especially, when your vehicle is parked for a long time. This not only spoils the petrol..

Petrol Expiry Time: Do you know what happens if you put petrol in a car and leave it aside?

Do Not Store Petrol In Vehicle

There is a saying that if a man goes bad, women go bad again. Also, it is said that if the vehicle in our house is not rotated, it will get damaged. But here a question starts for everyone. If the vehicle breaks down if you don’t drive it.. and what is the condition of the petrol in it..? Will it spoil too..? Bike, car, bus, jeep, truck, plane all require different fuel. But sometimes we leave our vehicle aside when we go to far places. Even the householders don’t touch it. It will stay like that.

At that time it also contains petrol. Will the petrol spoil at that time? Will it be steamed..? Such questions come to us many times. Driving a vehicle can damage parts of the vehicle. Also the petrol that falls in the car will spoil. But many people do not know this fact. At what point does the petrol in the vehicle go bad? It should be used at the right time. Now let us know the answers to many such questions here..

Put less petrol

If you have to leave your vehicle for several days, you should first plan how much petrol to put in it. When the vehicle is parked for a long time, the petrol in it undergoes chemical reactions depending on the temperature. Due to this its quality decreases. It starts to deteriorate.

How long does it take to spoil?

According to experts, petrol can be stored for one year if kept in a container. At the same time, if the temperature is up to 20 degrees, the petrol in the car will last for about six months. On the other hand, if the temperature is around 30 degrees.. its life is three months. As the temperature quickly the chances of petrol spoiling.

That’s why petrol..

From crude oil to petrol, many processes take place. Besides this, ethanol is also added to it. This causes the vehicle to vaporize when left in the tank for long periods of time. That’s why even if a small hole is made on the lid of the fuel tank, sometimes it gets blocked due to accumulation of garbage and the vapor produced in the tank cannot come out and the ethanol present in the petrol absorbs that vapor. Due to this petrol starts to deteriorate slowly.

The car engine breaks down

Petrol filled in the vehicle for a long time, if someone uses it, it will spoil. So it has a wrong effect on fuel pump in petrol vehicle till carburettor, engine. Due to this the car engine gets damaged quickly.

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