Pet Dog: His pet dog defecated in front of his house. Bengaluru man objects to dogs pooping in front of house, murdered Telugu News

These are not separate panchayats. We regularly see such fights in our colonies too. It is enough if someone falls. Otherwise such extreme situations will occur.

Pet Dog: His pet dog defecated in front of his house.

Accused Pramod- Deceased Muniraj

Little by little the fight turned into a turned into a bit of a fight..and then it led to a murder..true..a fight between two for a dog went to a murder..this incident in Bangalore has now become a has led to a heated debate..

Pramod, a resident of Ganapathi Nagar under Soladevanahalli Police Station in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, used to take his pet dog out every day. The dog used to defecate in front of Muniraju’s house if it was in the neighborhood. Pramod also used to stand there and smoke a cigarette. There is often an argument between the two of them.

Similarly, on the 8th of this month, Pramod defecated with a dog in front of Muniraju’s house as usual. Muniraju expressed his anger on this and a clash took place between the two families. In this background, Pramod along with his friend hit Muniraj with a cricket bat. The old man who could not stop those blows died. After receiving the information, the police registered a case. Along with Pramod, two others were arrested.. It became a hot topic that the fight for the cook led to the murder.

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