Pawan – Chandrababu Exclusive Video: Chandrababu welcomed Pawan’s car at his residence..Video.

Tdp Chief Chandrababu Welcomes Janasena Pawan Kalyan Exclusive Video

The leaders of both the parties will discuss the cancellation of roadshows brought into force by the AP government and the restrictions. Apart from this, it seems that the policies followed by the government will also be discussed. Chandrababu will also talk about police restrictions and other matters during his visit to Kuppam. It is known that there were tense situations during Pawan’s visit to Visakha in the past. Then Chandrababu expressed solidarity with Pawan. Now after the visit to Kuppam, Pawan Kalyan is coming to Chandrababu’s house and the politics of AP has become more heated. He will also discuss the Janasena Yuvashakti Sabha in Srikakulam on 12th of this month. The Jana Sena has already objected to the many restrictions imposed by the police on the programme. TDP and Jana Sena are attacking the YS Jagan government saying that the government is targeting the opposition.

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