Parenting Tips: Want Your Kids to Be Bold and Confident? Before you be like this.. | Fulfill the duty of being a good parent, make children brave and confident, learn how

Sanjay Kasula

Sanjay Kasula |

Updated on: Apr 12, 2023 | 9:43 PM

If you want to raise children well.. Make them bold, confident and successful. Then develop good habits from the beginning. Don’t forget to do some things in front of your children. Let’s find out..

Parenting Tips: Want Your Kids to Be Bold and Confident?  Before you be like this..

Good Parent

Every parent does their best for the good growth of the child. Let’s try to keep them away from all kinds of bad habits. Everyone teaches good habits. But did you know that there are some things that should not be taken from children as it can have a negative effect on them. That is why parents should not make such mistakes in front of their children. Tell us what not to order from children.

  1. Cigarettes or alcohol: Cigarettes or alcohol can affect health badly. It has a negative impact on children. It also affects their heart and mind. That is why children should never be asked to buy cigarettes, alcohol or intoxicants even by mistake. Don’t even get drunk in front of children.
  2. Deck of Cards: It is every parent’s job to teach children well, but one mistake you make can have a negative impact on the child. Do not ask children to buy playing cards even by mistake. It spoils their habit. Avoid playing cards in front of children.
  3. Always tell the truth: We often teach our children to tell the truth, but some children have a habit of lying or lying in front of them. By doing this, children can also develop this habit. Because of this, children start telling lies. In such a situation, try to speak the truth in front of the child. Learn to speak the truth.
  4. How reluctant to give feedback: Often parents are very hesitant about everything. His habit of letting go is considered very wrong. This nature of him is not suitable in personal life as well as in professional life. For example, to avoid any disturbance in the peace and order of the house, they keep silent even if they make a mistake. Not raising voice on wrong things can have a negative effect on children. So express your opinion openly on every mistake and error. This effect is also seen in children. They can become bold..confident.

Note: (The information given here is based on information available on media platforms. TV9 NEWS has not verified it.)

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