Not cancer, heart attack but paralysis. | New zealand former player chris cairns recovery heart attack spinal stroke bowel cancer good news shares fans in social media

Former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cranes battled with life-threatening diseases like heart attack and cancer and won. With this, he gave good news to his fans and shared his joy.

Good news for cricket fans. In the past, he fought heart attacks and cancer and won. All the fans are happy with this. He is none other than former New Zealand player Chris Cranes. Former New Zealand cricketer Chris Crane suffered a heart attack. Also, this former player also suffered from a fatal disease like cancer. Chris Cranes recently shared a video on social media. In this video, the former Kiwis all-rounder shares a video of himself standing up after a stroke. He also thanked the team of doctors. Chris Cranes had a heart attack in the month of August 2021.

Chris’ inspiration in real life after the cricket field..

Chris Kanes used to struggle on the cricket field with bat and ball in his time. This all-rounder’s spirit has helped New Zealand win many times on the field. But now this all-rounder’s fighting spirit has been reflected in his personal life. He overcame deadly diseases like heart attack and cancer. At the same time, after defeating the disease, the all-rounder decided to go on vacation. He chose Malaysia for this. Chris will travel to Malaysia in March to celebrate the Cannes holidays.

Chris Keynes suffered from life support system in Sydney..

Chris Keynes was put on life support in Sydney in August 2021 after suffering a heart attack. At the same time he suffered a heart attack. However, the former all-rounder has improved with time. They are constantly giving information about this on social media. Also, Chris Keynes celebrated Christmas day with his family on December 25. However, Chris Keynes tweeted that he is healthy. This is good news for sports lovers across the world.

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