No Ball: Whammo.. this is bowling bro.. 65 wides, 92 runs with 15 no balls.. this is the worst record.. who is that bowler? | Bangladeshi bowler Sujon Mahmood bowled 65 wides 15 no balls gives 92 runs check here worst cricket records

Cricket News: India bowled 7 no balls in the second T20 match against Sri Lanka. After that a lot of discussion started on no ball. Did you know that there is a bowler who has broken all kinds of records for no balls in the history of cricket?

From the second T20 match between India and Sri Lanka in Pune, the ‘no ball’ news has been in the news. India bowled a total of 7 no balls in this match, 5 of which were bowled by Arshdeep Singh alone. Arshdeep became the first Indian bowler to score 3 consecutive no balls in a single over. However, the Bangladeshi bowler holds the record for the most runs in extra balls in a single over. Bangladesh bowler scored 92 runs in 4 balls in Dhaka Second Division Cricket League.

The bowler hit 65 wide balls and 15 no balls in the match between Sheom vs Lalmatia. However, the matter was later investigated. The batsman scored 12 runs off 4 correct balls.

With opposition to the umpire..

Lalmatia bowler Sujon Mahmood did this on purpose. He protested against the umpire’s mistakes. Earlier this record was held by New Zealand cricketer Burt. He scored 77 off 22 balls against Canterbury while playing for Wellington.

Worst record in Shami’s name.

This record in international cricket is held by Mohammed Sami who opened with a maiden over. He bowled 17 balls with 7 wides and 4 no balls in a single over. He gave 22 runs in a single over against Bangladesh.

Special record in the name of Bhubaneswar..

Arshdeep Singh has an embarrassing record in his name. But there is also an Indian cricketer who has not bowled a single noball in international T20 cricket. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has bowled 298.3 overs in T20 so far. During this time he did not cross the line even once.

If we talk about the match between India and Sri Lanka.. India’s poor bowling is being criticized all over the world. Arshdeep has already created an embarrassing record in terms of no balls. Umran Malik also gave 48 runs in 4 overs. Shivam Mavi also gave away 53 runs in 4 overs. With this, India has a huge target. Unable to break this target, Team India was defeated.

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