Nitish Kumar: Another twist in Bihar’s political corridor. Trouble in Bihar’s ruling alliance Mahagathbandhan as RJD ministers skip Nitish’s event

Musalam was born in the political corridor of Bihar. Signs of a rift in the Grand Alliance then appeared. Upendra Kushwaha’s statement has now become a sensation in Nitin’s party.

There are indications that the political corridor of Bihar is getting crowded. JDU Parliamentary Board President Upendra Kushwaha expressed his displeasure over Sudhakar Singh’s statement. On the one hand, Sudhakar Singh is constantly giving controversial statements regarding Nitish Kumar. On the other hand, Upendra Kushwaha is angry that the party has not taken any steps so far. Upendra Kushwaha also commented on Sudhakar Singh’s comments. He said that similar words are being used for Nitish Kumar’s alliance in political or non-political field, political party or anyone else.. This is not correct. Not only for the Grand Alliance.. They can understand what kind of people have given such a statement in the politics of the coming generation. He said that the people of Bihar know who has been given the opportunity to become CM the most times.

Upendra Kushwaha gave a straightforward answer to a question about Sudhakar Singh’s statement whether there will be a split in the Grand Alliance. He said that whether there is a split or not, the result will be severe. He said that he had to respond to such things, and then he felt that his inner being was being suppressed. He said that he was hurt by Sudhakar Singh’s statement, but more than that, his personal matter was involved. Upendra Kushwaha said that his heart was hurt after receiving an official statement in his defense from RJD.

Upendra Kushwaha said that Tejashwi Yadav is the biggest leader of RJD. Lalu Yadav is ill. Tejaswi has the right to speak so we asked to see. Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister of Bihar.. Not only that, he is like an elder brother to me. I can’t stand anyone commenting on them. The national media came to an assessment of the rapidly changing political developments in Kutami.

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