National Child Award Will Be Given To 11 Children Across The Country, PM Modi Tweeted And Said – You Are All Heroes

These are the brave children of the country

Appreciated Aadithya Suresh

Best wishes to M. Gauravi Reddy for enhancing Indian culture

Congratulations Sambhab Mishra

PM Modi congratulated tabla player Shreya Bhattacharjee

Thanked Rohan Ramchandra Bahir who saved the lives of others

Aditya Pratap Singh has created a special technique to keep water clean, PM Modi congratulated

PM Modi congratulated Rishi Shiv Prasanna who befriended science.

Anoushka Jolly will be honored for keeping Digital India safe

PM Modi congratulates Hanaya Nisar, who raised the flag of India in martial arts

PM Modi congratulated Shauryajit Ranjitkumar Khaire

PM Modi congratulated Kumari Kolagatla Alana Meenakshi, who raised the Indian flag in Chess.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the children of the country. During this, the Prime Minister presented souvenirs to all the award winners and discussed their achievements one by one.

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