Nara Lokesh: Lokesh with his family before the Yuvagalam padayatra.

Nara Lokesh Took Blessings From Family Members For Lokesh Padayatra Yuvagalam Video

It is known that TDP’s young leader and former minister Nara Lokesh has started a padayatra across Andhra Pradesh State under the name ‘Yuvagalam’ with the aim of gaining power in the next elections. The Yuvagalam Padayatra will start from Kuppam from 27th January. However, before the padayatra he released an open letter to the people of the state. He asked people to bless him. Comparing the rule of the Telugu Desam Party government formed after the division of the state and the present YCP government, he mentioned the development works and governance policies. Nara Lokesh requested to give power to TDP once again and cooperate in the development of the state.

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