Modi Cabinet Expansion: Modi Cabinet expansion before Budget 2023.. Jackpot for MPs of Telugu states.. Who else gets this chance.. | Modi cabinet expansion likely before Budget 2023, Opportunity for one each from AP and Telangana MPs

MPs from Telugu states are going to hit the jackpot in the expansion of the Union Cabinet..? Are you doing promotion? Is this bad for Telugu states? That means yes, the signals are coming from Delhi.

Speculations regarding expansion and reorganization of the cabinet are rife. The NDA, led by Modi for the second term, completed its three-and-a-half-year rule. The general election is almost a year away. In this context, expansion of the cabinet will be undertaken to facilitate better governance. The Modi government has put a special focus on the states where assembly elections will be held this year. According to information coming from Delhi, Prime Minister Modi may expand his cabinet between Makar Sakranti (January 14) and the beginning of the budget session. It is expected that new faces will also get a place in Modi’s cabinet this time.

It seems that there is a chance of expansion of the Union Cabinet before the budget meetings of the Parliament which will start on 29th of this month. In fact, the term of the party’s national chief JP Nadda (JP Nadda) will end on January 20. Along with this, the party’s national executive meeting will also be held in January. But this time there is a chance for the Telugu states to get a big foothold, say Kamalam leaders. Each from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is likely to get a chance in the cabinet.

Expansion in view of the upcoming elections..

It has been said that this extension will be in the background of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024, while assembly elections will be held in nine states next year. Some ministers are also expected to be removed based on their performance. The last reshuffle in the Modi 2.0 cabinet took place on July 7, 2021. In this, 12 ministers were sacked, including some prominent names.

However, after the NDA came to power for the second time in the 2019 general elections, the first cabinet was formed on May 31 that year. The cabinet was reshuffled on July 7, 2021. Including the Prime Minister, there are 31 Cabinet Ministers, two Ministers of Independent Status, and 45 Assistant Ministers.. Modi’s Cabinet has a total of 78 members. There is a maximum of 83 Ministers at the Centre. It seems that there is a possibility of five more. It is reported that there is a chance for leaders from two Telugu states

BJP eye on these states..

2023 is considered very important for all political parties. Because assembly elections will be held in 9 states in the coming year. It also includes the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. These elections will become even more important as the Lok Sabha elections will be held next year i.e. 2024. BJP registered a historic victory in the Gujarat assembly elections held this year. Now the BJP is eyeing the state elections of Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Telangana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

Not one but two from Telugu states..

BJP is on the offensive in Telangana. The BJP leadership is predicting that if it continues in the same way, it will surely come to power next year. It is planning to give more boosting to the leaders here. As a part of this, it is looking to provide place to the MPs here in the cabinet. But Telangana has four MPs. One of them, G. Kishan Reddy, is currently a cabinet minister. The other three include Telangana President Bandi Sanjay, Arvind, Laxman and Soyam Bapurao.

With only a year and a half left for the general elections and this being the last cabinet expansion, political circles are predicting that one of them may be given a chance in AP this time. CM Ramesh and GVL Narasimha Rao from AP are Rajya Sabha members. But the leaders of this region think that Telangana will have the first chance.

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