Minister Roja: AP leaders who join BRS party will be advised by the people.. Minister Roja questioned on KCR’s visit to AP | Minister Roja asks BRS Chief KCR what is the justification for entering AP after separating it

Minister Roja alleged that Guntur incident happened because of Chandrababu’s publicity and TDP.

Minister Roja is angry with the opposition parties in AP. He criticized that there are ineffective opposition parties in AP. Minister Roja visited Tirumala Srivara today. Later, Roja said..where is Pawan who threw a party for the people?..Is Kandukur and Guntur incident worthless?.. Chandrababu, Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan want power. People’s lives are not counted for them. He said that there will no longer be a situation where political meetings will be allowed. He said that political meetings are meant to sensitize people but not to take lives.

CM Jagan, who had walked 3600 kilometers, said that no such incident happened anywhere in the assembly. He said that political gatherings are no longer allowed unless precautions are taken in grounds and places far away from the town.

He criticized Telangana Chief Minister KCR saying that it is no longer possible to hold assemblies as you like. Minister Roja asked what is the justification for entering AP after taking a separate state with their sentiments.

He said that those who want the state should build the capital.. But the capital has been allotted to Telangana by conspiracy. He said that the loss-making AP has not been given what it is due under the Partition Act. Minister Roja said that AP leaders who join BRS party will be advised by the people.

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