Milk: What is in cow’s milk? What is not in buffalo milk? You will be shocked if you know the difference between the two.. | Here are the differences between cow milk and buffalo milk, check both benefits

Generally we find two types of milk in milk. One is buffalo milk and the other is cow milk. There are people who drink both these types of milk. Many say that both are good for health. But which of the two is really better to drink?

Milk is good for health in four ways. There is no doubt about that. Milk is rich in nutrients. Milk is rich in calcium, which is especially necessary for the strength of bones and teeth. Doctors also suggest drinking milk daily to stay healthy and fit. But in milk we generally find two types of milk. one Buffalo milk, the other is cow’s milk. There are people who drink both these types of milk. Many say that both are good for health. But which of the two is really better to drink? What is the difference between these two? How to divide the two? Which of the two is rich in nutrients? What are the side effects? Let’s know the complete details like..

fat.. Milk also contains fatty substances. Compared to cow’s milk, it is more in buffalo milk. That is why buffalo milk is thick. Cow milk contains 3 to 4 percent fat while buffalo milk contains 7 to 8 percent fat. It also takes more time to digest buffalo milk. Hence it will keep you hungry most of the time.

Water.. Everyone should drink more water to stay healthy. If you want to drink more water then prefer cow’s milk. Cow’s milk contains 90 percent water. It keeps you hydrated without getting dehydrated.

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Proteins.. If we talk about proteins, buffalo milk contains 10 to 11 percent proteins compared to cow’s milk. Due to high protein content of buffalo milk, it is not good to give buffalo milk to infants and adults.

Cholesterol.. And when it comes to cholesterol… Cholesterol levels are also different in both types of milk. Cholesterol levels are low in buffalo milk. It is also good for those suffering from health problems like PCOD, hypertension, kidney problems and obesity. So it is better to observe this and take milk.

Calories.. Buffalo milk is rich in calories because buffalo milk is high in fats and proteins. A cup of buffalo milk contains 237 calories. The same cup of cow’s milk contains only 148 calories.

Preservation.. Buffalo milk can be preserved for a long time. The reason for this is that buffalo milk has high peroxidase activity i.e. it is like an enzyme. The same cow’s milk cannot be kept for long. They should be consumed within a day or two.

Color.. Buffalo milk is white cream in color while cow milk is slightly yellowish. Beta-carotene in buffalo milk decolorizes the pigment. Cow’s milk has a slightly yellow color due to the presence of vitamin A.

Note these differences..

  • Definitely prefer buffalo milk if you want to sleep well. Similarly, buffalo milk is good for making kova, curd, paneer, payasam, kulfi, ghee etc.
  • If you want to make sweets then it is better to choose cow’s milk. But both milks are good for health.
  • But depending on the differences here, see which one is best for you and drink it. But don’t skip drinking milk every day because milk can check many problems.

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