Microsoft: The tech giant to give a big shock to employees.. Microsoft announced layoffs.. | Microsoft Effect Over 10000 employees may lose jobs soon Know the Details

Until yesterday, Twitter…now Microsoft… were the leading firms competing in the layoff program. IT giant Microsoft to lay off employees

Until yesterday Twitter…and now Microsoft… were the leading companies competing in the layoff program. IT giant Microsoft has prepared the ground for layoffs. Layoffs announced from today. Microsoft is taking the fastest steps to fire a large number of employees.

The company decided to reduce the employees mainly in the engineering division. A Bloomberg News report revealed that Microsoft is laying off about 5 percent of its employees. This company has two lakh 20 thousand employees all over the world. Microsoft reduced the number of employees twice last year as well. This IT company fired a total of 1000 people from their jobs last year. But this time, it is expected that there will be massive layoffs. At least five percent of the employees will be fired by the company. With this, Microsoft will send a total of 11 thousand employees home.

In the first week of the first month of this year, 30,000 people lost their jobs worldwide in 30 leading companies. Now the same situation is making the employees worried. All tech companies are preparing to cut 5 to 10 percent of their workforce.

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