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If we want to be healthy.. we need to eat healthy food. The food we eat is what keeps us healthy. If not, it is because of eating, at least without physical activity

If we want to be healthy.. we need to eat healthy food. The food we eat is what keeps us healthy. Eating anything that is not, at least without physical activity can lead to many health problems. Especially overweight, obesity, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases increase. Due to this, mental stress also increases. As a result, they become more depressed. However, in the present times, the youth are also suffering from such diseases. He is suffering from diabetes at the age of thirty. What is more dangerous is that.. they lose their sexual power in puberty itself. Fertility decreases. Due to bad lifestyle the production capacity of sperm cells decreases in men. As a result, they are facing serious difficulties after marriage as they do not have children. Hence, it is very important to pay special attention to the diet and lifestyle. However, health experts say that eating certain foods can reduce sperm count in men. Now let us know what those foods are.

Men who don’t care..

Researchers say the average man’s sperm count has been steadily declining over the past 40 years. This fact makes everyone very upset. However, many people do not pay much attention to this matter. Experts say that the food we eat can reduce sperm count, but no one cares much about it.

Decreasing sperm quality

A decrease in sperm quality is the biggest problem. A recent study found that the average sperm count has dropped by 59 percent over the past 38 years. Many couples are facing difficulties in not having children due to falling sperm count.

What is the reason?

No one knows why sperm count drops so quickly. While some studies say that working with laptops on their laps lowers sperm count, others say it’s because of cellphones in trouser pockets. Some even say that excessive alcohol consumption and obesity are one of the reasons.

Does food kill sperm?

There are many reasons for low sperm quality and count. But did you know that the food you eat can also affect sperm cells? According to a study, eating certain foods can reduce sperm count. At the same time it increases the quality of sperm.

Now let’s know what are the foods that should not be eaten.

Processed meats

Recent studies have shown that consuming processed meat can lead to all kinds of diseases. Processed meats include goat, beef, and pork. Several studies have shown that eating processed meat can lower sperm count.

Trans fats..

Eating foods high in trans fats may increase the risk of heart disease, researchers say. Also, a 2011 Spanish study found that consumption of foods high in trans fats decreased sperm count in men.

Soya products

Soy products contain phytoestrogens, estrogen-like compounds. A study conducted in Boston, Iran found that sperm quality decreased in high intakes of soy products.

Pesticides are used in vegetables.

Even though pesticides are not taken directly, they affect humans by eating crops that are grown with excessive use of them. Due to this we have many problems. Essentially it lowers the sperm counter.

High fat dairy products

If you are a lover of milk, cream and cheese, studies show that you should change your habits immediately. Full fat milk contains estrogen. Steroids given to cows to increase milk production can impair sperm quality. It is suggested to avoid taking full fat dairy products and take almond milk and low fat milk.


Health experts suggest that boys should be more careful with alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to many health problems. Alcohol consumption has a significant effect on sex drive. Continuous drinking of alcohol can cause testosterone levels to drop. So.. be a little careful.. eat good foods.. stay healthy.

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