Medical Miracle: A baby born weighing less than a packet of milk.. for the first time in the history of medicine.. | Story of Shivanya: Born at 24 weeks, 400gm baby beats all odds

The weight of the baby was only 400 grams. That means less weight than a packet of milk. We are discussing about Shivanya’s story..

Births (micro-preemies) occur before nine months in the mother’s womb. Babies are usually born in the 8th or 7th month. Doctors keep them in intensive care and after they become fully healthy, they are handed over to the mother. But last year, a baby born at the age of 24 weeks (six months) took everyone by surprise. Moreover, the weight of the baby is only 400 grams. That means less weight than a packet of milk. We are discussing the story of Shivanya.

Shivanya was born on May 21 last year in Wakad, Pune. She was discharged on August 23 weighing 2,130 grams after 94 days of intensive care. Currently Shivanya is completely healthy with a weight of 4.5 kg. In fact the survival rate of such babies is less than 0.5%. Babies born after 37-40 weeks of gestation weigh at least 2,500 grams. With this, Shivanya set a rare record in the history of our country. Dr. Sachin Shah, chief neonatologist of Surya Mother and Child Care Hospital in Pune said that Shivanya is the youngest in the country. Dr. Sachin Shah said in the media.. ‘Premature births rarely happen before full term. This is called a double uterus (bicornuate). This happens when a woman has two separate sacs in her womb.. one of them is smaller. Shivanya grew up in a small sac when the baby was a fetus. That’s why she was born at just 24 weeks’, he explained.

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