Mango Paneer Dosa: You will never eat a dosa like this in your life..! Mango-paneer dosa.. taste different..!

Mango Paneer Dosa Netizens Comments On This Next Level Video Goes Viral

In this viral video, a street food vendor is making mistakes. That too in mango-paneer combination. It looks colorful and good, but you have to think a lot to eat it. Because you have never seen such a combination anywhere. He put dosa flour on top and put mango juice on it. Not stopping at that, he also grated paneer on it. After that dosha is cut vertically and rolled like rolls and mango juice is served as chutney. At present, this dosha nettinta tribe is doing the rounds. The netizens who saw the video said that the dosha is colorful to watch, but only God knows what happens if you eat it. They are making comments saying how can such ideas come. Laughing with funny memes.

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