‘Mamata punishing Arijit’: BJP draws ‘Gerua’ gig link to singer’s cancelled Kolkata concert

A big political fight has erupted over Arijit Singh’s Kolkata concert being cancelled. The BJP claims the singer’s “Gerua” performance at the Kolkata Film Festival is the reason. “Sr Bachchan was on point when he spoke about shrinking space for civil liberties and freedom of expression at the Kolkata Film Festival,” BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya tweeted.He added, “Arijit Singh, who sang Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua with Mamata Banerjee on the dais, now finds his show at Ecopark cancelled.” On December 15, star singer Arijit Singh sang “Gerua” in honour of Shah Rukh Khan. However, this viral moment from KIFF has now taken on political overtones. Watch this report to know what the Bengal government’s counter is.


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