Love Letter: ‘I miss you so much’.. A love letter written by a 47-year-old teacher to a 13-year-old girl..! | In Uttar Pradesh 47 Years Old School Teacher Writes Love Letter To Minor Student

If you look at some events, you can’t help but feel where this society is going. It is the teachers who shape the society in the right way.

If you look at some events, you can’t help but feel where this society is going. It must be said that it is worrying that the teachers who shape the society in the right way are being led astray. Recently, a 47-year-old teacher wrote a love letter to a 13-year-old girl. He pretended to miss you a lot during the holidays and to call you whenever possible. Moreover, after reading the letter, he showed the cunning brain that he should tear it up and not show it to anyone. But, the girl couldn’t stand it.. the harassment of this shrill teacher was getting too loud.. she showed the letter directly to her parents. This incident, which took place in Uttar Pradesh, came to light after the victim’s family members filed a complaint with the police.

The details given by the police and the victims are as follows. Hariom Singh works as a teacher in a village school under Sadar Kotwal police station. However, he set eyes on a 13-year-old minor girl studying in class 8. However, the government has declared holidays for schools due to the drastic drop in temperature across UP. So the student stays at home. But the teacher, who had a crush on the girl, wrote a letter to her. He wrote in the letter that he misses him a lot during these holidays. Moreover, Harisingh said that he wants to marry her and loves her very much. He also asked me to call him whenever possible. He wrote in the letter that he wanted to come and meet him one day during the holidays, and if he really loved him, he would definitely come. Moreover, to be safe, he asked the student to tear the letter immediately after reading it and not to show it to anyone.

However, the whole matter got leaked when the girl told her parents about it. The end card fell to the master. The girl, her parents and relatives went to the teacher. This is what they said. He asked for an apology. However, the shrill teacher did not apologize and resorted to threats. He warned that there would be dire consequences and that the girl would be deprived. This affair has now become a sensation in UP. Teachers’ unions have reacted strongly to the case of Keechaka teacher. If the allegations are true, they demanded strict action against him. On the other hand, higher officials also responded. He said that the incident will be investigated and action will be taken against the teacher.

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