Little Girl Salutes The Indian Army, People Said – The Children Of The Country Know That The Army Is Great

Little girl saluted the Indian Army, people said - the children of the country know that the army is great

Social Media Viral Video: More than one video goes viral on social media. Some videos are good, while some videos are surprising. Some videos are such that we feel very good after watching them. As such, videos of everyone’s choice are easily found on social media. At the same time, some videos are such that everyone likes them. Recently, a video is going viral on social media. It can be seen in this video that a small child goes to the soldiers of the Indian Army with the tricolor in his hand. The child hands over the tricolor to the soldiers of the army and salutes them. People are liking this video very much.

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We all know how important the Indian Army is to us. We are safe and breathing only because of the Indian Army. In this video going viral, you can see how a child comes and salutes the soldiers standing on the road with the tricolor in hand. Army soldiers are also very happy. People are liking this video very much.

Recently Republic Day is about to come. In such a situation, the army is engaged in the security of the country. This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter by a user named MahantYogiG. A caption has also been written with it. It is written in the caption – My pride is tricolor, my pride is tricolor.

This video has got more than 4 lakh views. At the same time, comments of many people are being seen on this video. One user has written while commenting – very wonderful video. While commenting, another user has written – Excellent video.

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