Little Girl Makeup: Everyone loves Chitti Beauty..! Funny video of a child who prepared her mother beautifully.

Little Girl Makeup To Her Mom Video Goes Trending In Social Media

Wearing lipstick is something that many girls love. Don’t you wear lipstick only on your lips? Don’t think this is a crazy question. If you see the video that is currently going viral on social media, you will get this doubt. Yes, a little girl smeared the much-loved lipstick all over her face like make-up. Even her mother’s face was decorated with that lipstick before her. Nettinta shared the video related to this and now it is making a lot of noise. A woman shows the lipstick makeup on her face. She beckoned and went to her little daughter as if to show her who had done this feat. There the little girl was also seen putting makeup on her face with lipstick. Netizens are laughing after seeing this video. Netizens are commenting with various emojis saying that they like this video a lot and that their children will do the same.

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