Kodali Nani: The accused in Ranga’s murder case are in that party.. Kodali Nani says that now they are doing politics in his name Former minister Kodali Nani sensational comments Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga was a person who had CM like status but was killed

Tension continues in Gudivada. The war of words between TDP and YCP is raging. On the other hand, YSP leader Kodali Nani gave a tribute to Mohana Rangaki of Vangaveeti. Kodali Nani along with the ranks of YCP laid a wreath and paid tribute to Mohanaranga of Vangaveeti.

Former minister Kodali Nani made sensational comments that Ranga, a man who was respected by the Chief Minister, was killed by preventing such a person from coming to the top. Nani said that not only in Vijayawada, AP politics was ruled by late Vangaveeti with charm. He commented that such great leader’s conspiracies killed Panni.. That is why his enemies joined TDP in 1983. But MLA Nani said that everyone knows the plight of the criminals who killed Ranga. Kodali Nani said that Ranga was removed physically, but even those who caused his death are laying wreaths and laying sticks.

He said that YCP is organizing Vangaveeti Ranga’s death anniversary regularly. Kodali Nani said that programs are being done taking him as an example. They are seeing how degraded those who killed him have become. He said that Ranga was killed by the TDP party. Kodali Nani said that those who killed NTR will not back down to kill others.

His son Vangaveeti Radhakrishna unveiled a bronze statue of Vangaveeti Mohanaranga in Vijayawada Rural Mandal Nunna. Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Gudivada MLA Kodali Nani participated in the unveiling of the statue on the occasion of Ranga’s death anniversary. Machilipatnam Member of Parliament Vallabhaneni Balashauri participated.

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