Kodali Nani: Going home this time is sure.. Kodali Nani’s sensational comments on Balayya and Chandrababu.. | Kodali Nani Strong Counter To Balakrishna, Chandrababu over ap politics

Which MLA is in touch with whom in AP politics as the elections are approaching? Who is going to jump the wall? A similar discussion is going on with the remarks made by the opposition TDP against the MLAs of the ruling party. Recently, it reached peaks with the counter given by former minister Kodalinani.

Kodali Nani: Going home this time is sure.. Kodali Nani's sensational comments on Balayya and Chandrababu..

Chandrababu, Balakrishna, Kodali Nani

The TDP, which made an exceptional comeback in the recently held MLC elections in AP, is attacking the ruling party. As a part of that.. these comments made by the TDP leaders saying that 40 MLAs of YCP are in touch with them created a stir in AP politics. Are the MLAs of the ruling party really looking at the TDP? The debate is raging. Chandrababu and Balakrishna are also off the record.. making these kind of comments.. ApThere is a political upheaval in

Recently, former minister Kodali Nani gave a strong counter to the comments made by Chandrababu and his brother-in-law Balakrishna. He said that no matter who is in touch with anyone, there is no loss for Jagan.. At the time of elections, any leader should remember to be in touch with the people.

Kodali Nani was busy working with Balayya. Balayya’s comments on Jagan during the recent MLC elections were met with strong counters.

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No matter who makes the comment, if the right leader counters it, it will be different. Kodali’s counter attack on the comments of TDP leaders happened just now. The journey reached the peaks. It remains to be seen what turn it will take politically.

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