Kamareddy: Master plan fires in Kamareddy.. Farmer JAC calls for bandh.. | Farmers JAC Called for Kamareddy Bandh Over Municipality Master Plan

The Kamareddy Municipality master plan has caught fire. Farmers are worried that they are not given land that grows two crops a year. Tension tension with collectorate siege..

The Kamareddy Municipality master plan has caught fire. Farmers are worried that they are not given land that grows two crops a year. With the siege of the Collectorate, there was a tense situation. The farmers’ protest finally turned political.

Farmers protest against Kamareddy Municipality Master Plan. Due to this, the Collectorate siege program led to severe tensions. As a large number of farmers and their family members arrived, arresting them became a headache for the police. The farmers who had held a dharna till afternoon pushed the barricades and stormed inside the collectorate. The lock on the gate was removed. A scuffle broke out when the police deployed in large numbers tried to stop the farmers. Two women farmers fell unconscious in the fight and another farmer was injured. A constable was slightly injured. The injured were taken to the government hospital in an ambulance.

BJP supported the farmers and participated in the agitation along with them. MLA Raghunandan Rao of that party wants to immediately remove the proposed farmers’ lands from the industrial zone. Responding to the dharna, local MLA Surender said that farmers need not worry. He said that some people are trying for political gain.. Farmers should not fall into their trap.

The collector finally responded..

Kamareddy District Collector Jitesh V Patil has finally responded to farmers’ concerns. Farmers should not worry… Farmers’ lands are going nowhere. Some are accused of creating the problem. How can 500 people come and give a petition.. They say they are ready to discuss if 10 people come. He clarified that the master plan is only a draft. Collector Patil said that the objections can be given in writing. Our representative Prabhakar will provide more information on this.

Rythu JAC calls for Kamareddy bandh..

The farmers were angry that the collector did not respond even after raising their concern in front of the collectorate for several hours. Kamareddy demanded to withdraw the master plan. The Collector protested by hanging Dishti’s effigy on the gate. Finally, the collector gave a petition to the effigy and temporarily stopped the agitation. Also, Rythu JAC has called for Kamareddy bandh on Friday.

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