Kamareddy: Kamareddy Collector once again before the media.. Clarity on lands. Video..

Kamareddy Collector Infront Of The Media Video

Farmers’ agitation continued for the third day in Kamareddy. Farmers staged protests in villages and fields demanding that their lands not be taken when crops were grown. MLA Gampagovardhan clarified the master plan due to farmers’ agitation. They said that the industrial zone and green zone will be converted into government lands. Gampa Govardhan promised to remove the lands of Ilchipur, Adlur, Tekriyal from the industrial zone. Gampa Govardhan, Kamareddy MLA. On the other hand, Kamareddy Collector Jitesh Patil gave an explanation on the master plan. He said that depending on the objections received on the draft, the cancellation of the master plan will be considered. Collector Jitesh said that the master plan is only a draft and there is no need to fear that the land will be lost.

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