Kakinada: The movement of her who was unconscious with the call of Amma Woman dies after brain death in an accident in Kakinada district Telugu News

No one can control birth and death. That is true. But even a woman who thought she was no longer our man was moved by one call of mother. Her unexpected death shocked the family members who thought she would never recover. The details are as follows….

When the child called her mother, she was unconscious. With her son’s loving call… a new life was born in her. Everyone was happy that the mother would recover…the mother and child would be happy. But fate thought otherwise. Before death, that mother’s love was defeated.. She went to the worlds of no return. This heartbreaking incident came to light in Kakinada district. Going into details.. Anaparthi Weeravenkata Kanakadurga Akhila is working as a married teacher in Annavaram Government School of Kakinada district. She formed a charity organization named ‘Sankalpam’ with her fellow teacher and teachers to do service activities. She continues to help them as much as they can.

A big jolt in a smooth life. Akhila met with an accident at Kathipudi last Saturday while returning from attending the tenth class final exam. A lorry coming on the wrong route hit her bike hard and seriously injured her. Doctors said she was brain dead. After she gave her consent for organ donation before her death, the doctors started making arrangements for it.

While she was being moved to the operation theatre, her hand moved a little and new hopes sprung up. So she took her 2-year-old son to her mother and called her mother. As she moved her hand again to the child’s call, the organ donation was immediately stopped. After continuing the treatment…all recovered up to 40 percent. But on Wednesday evening he breathed his last as the condition worsened. Due to this, the family members are crying.

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