Janasena: Nagababu responded to Jive number 1.. tweeting sensational comments.. | Janasena Leaders Nagababu and Nadendla Manohar Serious on Govt GO No 1

The ban on meetings and rallies on the roads has ignited a fire between political parties. The leaders of the opposition parties criticized the Jagan government for fear of defeat

The ban on meetings and rallies on the roads has ignited a fire between political parties. Leaders of opposition parties are severely criticizing the Jagan government because of the fear of defeat. Janasena party leaders Nagababu recently responded to this incident. A tweet was made on Twitter. They announced that they will go to court on Jive No. 1. Nagababu stated that as a political party, they will take care of themselves and it is the government’s responsibility to provide protection to the people. Nagababu said that the more Chandrababu and Pawan are stopped, the more they will pay. Nagababu has warned that if you take back Jivo, it will be good for you or else the people will tell you the appropriate wisdom.

Earlier.. Nadendla Manohar, PAC Chairman of Janasena Party also reacted strongly on this bio. Will British-era legislation be blocked and imposed? He expressed indignation. He released a statement to this effect.. In the capacity of Chief Minister, Benji did not do programs in the circle? He asked. He accused Pawan Kalyan’s detention in Visakha to be a dark creature. With the intention of controlling the political parties. Criticized for bringing O.

Nadendla said that orders were issued in a hurry in the middle of the night, banning public meetings and rallies, and that the YCP government has exposed its autocratic tendencies. He said that public opposition against CM Jaganmohan Reddy is increasing day by day. Has the YCP government decided to ban Article 19 in the state of Andhra Pradesh? He asked. RTC buses are being diverted to YCP party activities, is this not paralyzing public life? asked Nadendla Manohar. He said that writing down rights in the name of law and order would be a violation of the Constitution. Nadendla demanded that if there is no fear of increasing public opposition, then the darkness should be withdrawn and full security should be provided to the meetings, meetings and rallies of the opposition parties.

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