IPL 2023: Just Rs. 20 lakhs.. if cut.. he became a ‘match winner’ pushing back the heroes of ‘crores’..

IPL 2023: Just Rs.  20 lakhs.. if cut.. he became a 'match winner' pushing back the heroes of 'crores'..
IPL 2023

Many young players are showing their potential in IPL 2023. The other day Mumbai Indians batsman Tilak Verma (84) impressed with his lightning innings.

If you see the game played by Gujarat batter Sai Sudarshan in the match against Delhi, everyone says that he is definitely the future star of India. Although the rest of the batsmen are reaching the pavilion one after the other, Sudarshan is rooted in the crease. He faced bowlers with international experience very comfortably.. He hit the boundaries. Sudarshan, who scored 22 runs against Chennai in the first match, was given a chance by the franchise in the second match as well. Taking advantage of that chance, he scored 62 runs off 48 balls with 4 fours and 2 sixes and remained unbeaten till the end.

Legendary player Sunil Gavaskar praised Sai Sudarshan’s performance. Gavaskar praised Sudarshan for hitting shots like a player with international experience. Even Anil Kumble was mesmerized by his batting. Meanwhile, Sudarshan, who played brilliantly in domestic matches last year, was paid Rs. It is known that it was purchased at a base price of 20 lakhs.

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