Indian Idly Sambar: A foreigner who turned his hand.

A British Man Is Entertaining Netizens With The Indian Dish Ravva Idli Sambar

Indian food is also loved by foreigners. One such person is Jake Drane from Britain. Also, Jake has a hand in cooking our Indian dishes. He prepares dishes from all regions and posts them on his Instagram. His social media account is full of Indian dishes. His specialty is making a dish from a different state every week. So far, Jake has tried the cuisine of many states including AP, Telangana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Punjab. Freshly made by Jake, Rava Idli and Sambar dish are impressing the netizens. The netizens are fed up with this South Indian dish prepared by Jake.. Moreover, they have given ten out of ten marks for this recipe. This video shows Jake starting the sambar preparation by cooking the lentils. Everyone was impressed by Jake’s work in the video, from preparing the necessary ingredients to making Rava Idli and preparing the dish. He prepared idli and sambar as part of the Tamilnadu week. This viral video has been viewed by more than 25 lakh people. Jake praises the dish for being amazing.

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