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Health facilities in India have improved, but fungal diseases are still a major threat to public health, causing serious morbidity and mortality. He also said that most still have limited capabilities for testing and treatment.

An alarming study on the health of Indians has come to light. The study revealed that more than five and a half crore Indians suffer from serious fungal diseases. Researchers say that 30 lakh Indians are diagnosed with TB every year, and 10 times more Indians are affected by the fungal disease. Did you know that at least four out of every 100 Indians suffer from some serious fungal disease? This scary information came to light in a study. This information came to light after examining over 400 research results. This study says that more than five and a half crore people in India are affected by serious fungal diseases. That means more than 4.4 percent of India’s population suffers from serious fungal diseases. Experts believe that fungal disease is common in the country. But at what level is this..? It’s not clear how widespread it is. This is the first such study to be conducted in India.

What did the study reveal?
Apart from AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Kalyani in West Bengal and PGIMER in Chandigarh, researchers from Manchester University in the UK conducted the study. The study revealed that 5.72 crore Indians suffer from serious fungal diseases, which is 4.4 percent of India’s total population. Explaining the study, Animesh Ray, a researcher at AIIMS, Delhi, said that fungal disease is a big problem in India, but it has never been considered. About 30 lakh Indians are affected by TB every year, but the number of Indians affected by fungal diseases is many times higher, he said.

Which organs are affected by fungal disease?
The study said that around 2.4 crore women are affected by vaginal or vulva ulcers. This is called a yeast infection. A large number of school children are affected by a fungus called tinea capitis. This infection causes headache and rapid hair loss. Researchers have found that mold infections in the lungs and sinuses are the cause of death. More than 2.5 lakh Indians are suffering from this. Apart from these, more than 17.38 lakh people are suffering from chronic aspergillosis, an infection that affects the respiratory system. Meanwhile, about 35 lakh Indians suffer from severe allergic lung mold disease. It has also come to light that more than 10 lakh people are suffering from fungal eye disease. Due to this, blindness can occur. Apart from these two lakh people are also suffering from mucormycosis called ‘black mold’.

How dangerous is fungal disease?
Researchers say that every year in India, the TB-affected population is 10 times more susceptible to fungal infections. From this one can estimate how large a population is susceptible to fungal disease. Professor David Danning of the University of Manchester said health facilities in India had improved in recent years, but fungal diseases were still a major threat to public health, causing serious illness and death. He also said that India still has limited capacity for most tests and treatments. Histoplasmosis in children is due to lack of ability to predict fungal asthma.

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