Iftar Dinner: Should dinner be fun during Hazrat Ali’s mourning days.. Iftar dinner is boycotted by Shia-Sunni groups.. | Shia Sunni groups have decided to boycott the Iftar Dinner organized by Telangana government tomorrow in Hyderabad.

Shia-Sunni groups have decided to boycott the Iftar Bindu organized by the government tomorrow in Hyderabad. It is said that during the mourning days of Hazrat Ali, it is not possible to participate in feasts and entertainments. BJP-Congress minority leaders are also opposing the government’s decision.

In the background of Ramzan festival, CM KCR has decided to give Iftar dinner on behalf of Telangana government at Hyderabad LB Stadium on Wednesday. Arrangements for that have also been completed. CM KCR himself will participate in these celebrations and offer special prayers and wish the Muslims Ramadan. In the presence of Muslim religious leaders, public representatives, government officials and people participate in this dinnerThe government is ready to organize it. Arrangements were made to give Ramadan Tofa to poor Muslims. Shia Muslims have decided to boycott the Iftar Bindu organized by the government.

The Home Minister and the government leaders have appealed to change the date of Iftar dinner given by the government. However, due to the lack of results, the elders of the Shia community announced that they should not attend the Iftar dinner. Hazrat Ali, one of the family members of the Prophet Mohammad, died a heroic death, and Shia Muslims consider it as a day of mourning. They are prohibited from participating in any kind of dinner entertainment on those dates.

Shia Muslims are upset over the government organizing Iftar dinner on those days. And Sunni Muslims expressed their anger on the date of Iftar. The elders of the Sunni community are expressing their anger that they are trying to cover up by giving iftar dinner without fulfilling the promises made to the Muslim communities.

The Shia representative says that not even 30 percent of the people in the Iftar dinner given by CM KCR are Muslims. BJP Minority Leader Firasat Bakari said that even after meeting the Home Minister and the government leaders, they did not respond to the change of the date of the Iftar party. All in all, the tussle over Iftar Bindu organized by the government continues. So..will the government respond to the corruption of Muslim elders..? Or will it proceed as planned..? Wait and see.

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