Hyderabad: Wildlife as a special attraction. ON CAMERA: Xora pub in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills area lets customers dance with exotic reptiles; Police action follows

The police department has put an iron foot on Zora Pub. Took the animal show seriously. Along with the organizers, cases have also been registered against those who supplied wildlife.

Cases are being registered in the Jora pub incident. Cases have been registered against seven people in connection with the exhibition of wild animals. Jubilee Hills Police have registered cases under Section 9, 39, 49 of the Wildlife Protection Act. Pub event organizer Vinay Reddy, managers Pridhvi and Varaha Naidu, pet sellers Tarun and Vamsi, pet shop owners Yasir and Karthik booked.

On 28th of this month, the pub exhibited wildlife at Zora Pub in Jubilee Hills. Along with snakes and snakes, some types of rare cats and animals were displayed in the pub. But the managers of the pub said that the injections were done before them. Apart from displaying the fear of wild animals, the police took this dangerous injection very seriously. Cases were registered against them. However, the station gave bail on personal surety.

Wild animals were introduced as a special attraction during the mass dancing in pitch darkness amidst colorful lighting. Rare snakes, snakes and wild cats found only in the wild or in the zoo were released among the customers. Seeing them, some felt a thrill, while others were overwhelmed with fear. Thinking that this is a new thrill, the customers also misbehaved with the wild animals. Some took photos with them.. while others took videos while dancing. These videos were posted on Instagram by the pub manager. Due to this, some netizens complained to the police and forest officials. The Cyberabad team immediately responded and took the matter seriously and filed cases under various sections.

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