Hyderabad: The driver who stopped the car on the road and suddenly opened the door.. Unfortunately, he was riding a bike – Telugu News | Open car door causes bike mishap Kid dies in Hyderabad

Tragedy took place in Hyderabad’s LB Nagar. A two-year-old girl lost her life due to the negligence of the car driver. The driver stopped the car on the road. He suddenly opened the car door. This caused an accident.

How careless this is. He stopped the car on the road. He opened the door and got down without paying any attention to the vehicles coming behind him. Due to this, Sashirekha and Syed, who were traveling with their baby on a bike from behind, met with an accident. The car door hit the mother and child. Dhanalakshmi (2) died due to severe injuries. Mother Shasirekha’s condition is critical. This horrible incident came to light in LB Nagar, Hyderabad. A bit of driving is enough.. they will put you in the driver’s seat. There is no minimum common sense. Who is responsible for the lost life now? Who is the cause of that mother’s pregnancy? Will that mother come home safely? Is it not the car driver’s fault that a small family faced such a big tragedy in a matter of seconds..?

Yes, it was wrong.. That’s why he ran away leaving the car there because the people would shout. Scenes of the incident taluka have been recorded in the CC camera. Netizens are angry with the driver for acting so irresponsibly. They want to take strict action against that person. To this extent, the police have registered a case and are investigating.

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