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A priest turned murderer in Hyderabad. He impersonated himself in the name of love…he took his own life saying that he would release a serial chance. Mekavanne Puli priest Venkatasaikrishna killed Apsara who believed in Sai Krishna and surrendered everything.

What is done is divine… but the criminal mentality is hardened in the mind. Venkata Saikrishna from Hyderabad approached the Apsara living in the same street to give him a serial chance. Mekavannepuli Venkata Sai Krishna, who is married and has a daughter, bewitched the Apsara who was living in the same street and put her in a basket. Saying Akkai…he surrounded Apsara’s mother. Apsara rolled over. The beauty..Hangulu…seeing the rush…delusioned that he was looking for her…hoping that he would give her a movie chance…she got stuck in the mud. As a result, he continued to have an extramarital relationship with Aspara for the past few years.

The priest’s seniority, which was not a hindrance to the love affair, hindered the marriage. The true nature of Saikrishna came out when she was forced to marry. Saikrishna told Apsara’s mother that he was taking her to Coimbatore on the 3rd of this month…he took her to Rallaguda, an area around the Goshala where he worships in Shamshabad..after harassing her with hotels..she gave narcotic tablets to Apsara who was sitting in the front seat of the car..Saikrishna killed Modi with a jaggery stone. Moreover.. the murderer Saikrishna brought the dead body in the same Ford car and kept it in front of the house for a whole day. N pretended to have sent Apsarani on a tour with his friends without knowing anything. As the stench was coming from the car near the house…he took the dead body and threw it in a man hole in Sarurnagar and tried to bury the crime of murder with concrete.

Moreover, on the 5th of this month…unrelated priest Saikrishna…gave a false complaint to mislead the police saying that my managodas were missing. If the missing case is investigated, the killer is out. Saikrishna was arrested and Apsara’s dead body was taken out of the manhole. The actual builder….had already collected subscriptions and built three walls. He also has a good name among the people…what will happen if the matter of extra-marital affair comes out…he will be disgraced…Saikrishna killed Apsara out of fear of this. That is why Shamshabad DCP Narayana Reddy revealed that the murder was done with a well-planned plan and the manhole was dumped.

DCP also expressed doubt that he might have said that he will be given a chance in serials. Saikrishna’s father may have killed his son after harassing him for three months. If a priest can do this, will people come to the temple? Apsara’s mother is asking. They demanded that he be hanged. Saikrishna, who killed Apsar in the worst manner, has been arrested and the police are investigating the case.

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