Huge Robbery: The locks are just like the locks.. But, if you open the door, the mind is blank.. | Thieves Robbery 10 Laksh Value Gold and Cash in Tenali Andhra pradesh

Andhra Pradesh: A house in Tenali’s Nazarupet was locked, but a massive theft took place in that house. Entered the house when no one was there.

A house in Tenali’s Nazarupet was locked, but a massive theft took place in that house. The thieves entered the house when no one was there and broke two beer bottles and stole Rs. Gold jewelery worth Rs 10 lakh and cash worth Rs 10,000 were stolen. Going into the details, Ratnakumari, a resident of Cheruvu Wari Street in Tenali Nazar Peta, went to her relative’s house in Narasa Rao Peta on the 2nd of this month for a function and returned on Tuesday. But when I opened the locks of the house, all the things in the house were scattered. Not only were the doors of the two bedrooms open, but the two beers were also broken.

It appears that the thieves opened the screws of the window at the back of the house using an iron rod that they had brought earlier, put down the iron grill and entered and committed this massive theft. They also left the iron rod they had brought with them there. Two gold chains, three gold bangles, two rings and ten thousand rupees cash were stolen in this robbery. It is known that after knowing that there is no one in the house, they organized the robbery and committed this theft. There is a vacant lot behind this house, no one is living next to the house. It seems that the thieves who knew this in advance did this theft with a well-planned plan. After reporting this matter to the police, the police have registered a case and are investigating.

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