Horoscope Today: This sign is sweet for the unemployed.. How are the horoscopes on Saturday?

Horoscope Today: This sign is sweet for the unemployed.. How are the horoscopes on Saturday?

Aries (Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika 1)

This is an auspicious time for business professionals. They achieve what they want with persistence. You will have to take on additional responsibilities at work. Important tasks will be completed. Good news regarding increase in income will be heard. Progeny will progress. Health is sustainable. Marriage relationship will be done in the family category. Spiritual thinking increases.

Taurus (Krttika 2,3,4, Rohini, Mrigasira 1,2)

There will be some complications in terms of employment. Income will increase slightly. The expenses will get wet. Relatives will be helped financially. Professional businesses should be careful not to get into trouble. Do not be overly generous. Health doesn’t matter. A personal problem will be solved with the help of friends. The unemployed get a small job.

Gemini (Mrigashira 3,4, Ardra, Punarvasu 1,2,3)

A little financial means will increase. Times are good for the unemployed. A home issue is a little troubling. There are stressful situations at work. Don’t make hasty decisions. Participates in pious activities. There is a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

Cancer (Punarvasu 4, Pushyami, Ashlesha)

Officers have increased responsibilities on the job. Planned works will be completed on time. A home problem is a very troubling one. Those who have been helped by you will show their faces. Hear good news from children. Unemployed get a job with the help of friends. Their condition of professional businesses is stable.

Lion (Makha, Pubba, Uttara 1)

Financial situation is not a problem. However, unnecessary expenses can increase greatly. You will get support from the authorities in the job. There is a lot of pressure in important tasks. Hopeful marriage goes back. Those in professional trades earned little profit. Do not engage in financial transactions. Avoid speculation.

Kanya (Uttara 2,3,4, Hasta, Chitta 1,2)

Financial situation will be stable. Job-related stress increases. There will be support from family members. Take care of your health. They do things that are good for everyone. There is a possibility of a good marriage relationship unexpectedly. Profits in business are not as expected. There is recognition in society.

Libra (Chitta 3,4, Swati, Visakha 1,2,3)

Some decisions regarding income development come together. Financial situation will be better. Time is favorable for job. New offers will come your way. Family atmosphere is harmonious. Important tasks are completed with the help of friends. Those in business will prosper.

Scorpio (Visakha 4th, Anuradha, Jyeshtha)

There is a chance to climb a step higher in the job. There are gains in terms of business. Financial situation will improve if you try hard. The marriage relationship will be fixed. One has to work hard in the profession. Take advice from family members. There is a possibility for the unemployed to get a job in a distant area.

Sagittarius (Mula, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha 1)

Professionals come together financially for those in business. Respect in the job will increase. Abdhikhara Yoga is also a possibility. Tasks are completed. Family conditions will improve. Health doesn’t matter. Unwanted money will be received. Unexpectedly auspicious developments take place. Have fun with friends.

Capricorn (Uttarashadha 2,3,4, Shravana, Dhanishtha 1,2)

Professionals are making good progress. Small difficulties will be experienced in employment businesses. The pressure increases. Don’t invest in anything. There is a possibility of misunderstandings with friends. A personal problem is solved in a timely manner. The unemployed get sweet talk.

Aquarius (Dhanishta 3,4, Shatabhisham, Purvabhadra 1,2,3)

Hear the expected good news. There is a gain of power in the job. Some important tasks are completed despite great pressure. Talk to others. The unemployed are likely to get a small job. Income will increase. Children progress in studies. There will be a good marriage relationship. Traders make easy profits.

Pisces (Purvabhadra 4, Uttarabhadra, Revathi)

They will achieve what they want. Job is good in business. Go ahead with your own decisions. Even if the expenses go up, the financial situation will be good. Spend time happily with family members. Travels are profitable. Take care of health. Friends are helpful. Good offer for unemployed.

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