Hidden Camera: Identify hidden cameras in shopping malls and hotel rooms.. with these tips you can find them immediately.. | How to find a hidden spy or hidden camera in Hostel and Hotel Rooms, Find out immediately with these 3 tips

These types of crimes are increasing now. In which a video is taken with a hidden camera in the hotel room and then blackmailed. Is there a secret camera in your room? Or not? You can find out like this..

Hostel rooms, hotels, shopping malls, wherever you go, the third eye haunts you. This is the fear of everyone now. They don’t know how to protect themselves. Especially the hidden cameras that stalk the girls have increased. In this, private moments of people are being recorded and blackmailed. Recording videos of girls and then blackmailing them became routine. The number of people using digital for bad has increased faster than those using it for good. This has now become a problem for everyone. But it has become very necessary for us to be alert to check such problems. At a time like this we can also use the same digital technology to check such people.

The trick is to go to the changing room and find the hidden camera. But there is one thing you have to do. Before using the hotel room you should know about it. Come on, today let’s find out how to find out about these hidden cameras..

How to detect secret camera

Use a flash light

To detect hidden cameras, first turn off all the lights in the hotel room as soon as you enter. Apart from this, install window-doors, curtains there. Your room will be completely dark. After this, you need to turn on the flash light of your mobile phone. At this point search the room from all sides. If there is a secret camera anywhere in the room, when a flash light falls on its lens, it immediately reflects. This way you can easily know about the hidden camera.

Bluetooth camera

Hidden cameras installed in hotel rooms work only with the help of Bluetooth. Fraudsters record private moments this way. They watch live footage on other systems anywhere. They are also recorded. If you have a little doubt… you can immediately check by turning on the Bluetooth in your mobile. With this, you can know which type of device is active around you. From this you can get the camera clue.

Remember this with mobile phone..

Currently there are new technology hidden cameras in the market. They are very small. You can install them in a bulb, clock, lamp or decorative object. You should use your mobile wisely. For this, first, turn off all the lights in the room.. the room should become completely dark. After this you turn on the camera on your mobile and check everything. In such a situation, if you see small dots anywhere, then understand that there is a hidden camera.

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