Health: Sore throat? Do you see pimples in the eyes?.. But the same | COVID symptoms changed again amid XBB.1.16 surge! Experts warn of signs ‘not seen’ in earlier waves Telugu News

Corona is booming again in India. The XXB variant which is rapidly gaining popularity in India is catching the mouth. Daily six thousand people are entering the hospital bed due to the new variant. Experts say that this is the first time that cases have been registered in this range after 2 hundred days.

Is your throat sore as it is? Troubled by cough-cold? However, be careful. Although it seems a little different, you have to think about it. Because, Corona is booming again like water under the carpet. For years Corona The cases are increasing. Every day at least five thousand people are affected by the epidemic. It is disturbing that deaths are also recorded at the same time. At present, the rate of corona positivity in the country has crossed five percent. This is definitely an alarming number. Hence, the Center has alerted the States. It suggested to take precautions against the corona virus which is booming silently. The guidelines have been issued to identify the emergency hot spots where cases are being recorded and to take measures to contain the virus. According to the statistics of the Union Health Department, in the last 24 hours, 6 thousand 155 people have been affected by the virus and 11 people have lost their lives.

Experts say that the XBB 1.16 variant is the reason for the outbreak of Corona in the country. Counts say that most cases of this variant are reported nationwide. Experts say that it is spreading faster than the old variants. More than 6000 cases have been registered daily for two days and the number of active cases has crossed 31000. People are warned not to make light of the virus and to be alert. The XXB variant is mostly targeting children. If someone’s children say that their eyes are itchy, it can definitely be a symptom of Corona. Moreover, experts say that it should be suspected even if there are pimples in the eyes. It is said that this was not present in the symptoms of Corona earlier, but these are seen more in the new variants. In addition to these, if you have high fever, cough and cold, doctors say that you should not ignore it.

Despite experts’ warnings, it is true that cases of new variants are on the rise. Precautions are the only refuge to avoid the corona epidemic. Wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance is the way to go. Otherwise, carelessness can pay a heavy price. Hence, be careful all.

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