Haunted death..! Accident to the bus carrying the victims of the Odisha train accident.. Many seriously injured – Telugu News | Odhisha Train Accident: Bus carrying passengers from Balasore crash site meets with accident in Bengal Telugu News

A bus carrying injured passengers from Balasore in Odisha met with an accident in Medinipur, Bengal on Saturday, June 3. On June 2, the three train accident in Odisha’s Balasore district took place when the injured passengers were being taken to their native villages by bus.

On Friday, June 2, a fatal accident occurred when three trains collided. About 288 people died in this incident. More than 800 people were injured. The fatal accident took place when the Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express on its way to Chennai derailed. It collided with a goods train on an adjacent track. This caused the rear carriage of the Coromandel Express to move onto the third track. The Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express coming on the third track ran into the derailed coaches. Rescue operations are ongoing at the scene. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has already visited the incident site. He visited the injured who were being treated in the hospital. He warned that the culprits would be severely punished. Condolences were expressed for the deceased. Reassurance was announced to the affected families.

Meanwhile, the passengers who were injured in the accident were involved in a bus accident. Those wounded were injured once again. Some passengers from West Bengal were injured in a three-train accident near Balasore. They are being transported to that state in a special bus. But a bus carrying injured people in a train accident met with an accident in West Bengal’s Medinipur on Saturday. The bus hit the pickup vehicle. As a result, the passengers suffered minor injuries.

The police immediately responded after learning about this. Those injured in the bus accident are being taken to various government hospitals for treatment. However, the passengers who survived the train accident and were going to their hometowns with injuries, were once again injured in a bus accident. The bus accident caused a traffic jam in the area. The police rectified the situation.

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