Hair Care Tips: Follow These 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Hair Fall In Winter. NDTV-HINDI-NDTV-India

1. Massage with warm oil

Hair needs adequate nutrition in winter because, in this season hair can look dry, lifeless. In this case, whatever oil you massage your hair with, heat it slightly. Coconut oil should not be applied cold in winter because, it gets frozen in the head and due to this dirt gets accumulated in the roots of the hair. That’s why you massage your head with light warm almond oil with light hands and then wash your head after an hour. Oil massage must be done once a week in winter.

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2. Do not wash your head with very hot water

It is not possible to wash the head with cold water in winter. But washing your head with too hot water can also be very harmful. Washing the head with too hot water weakens the roots of the hair and this can lead to the problem of dandruff in the hair, so try to wash the head with lukewarm water.

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3. Must apply hair mask-

In winter, the scalp also becomes very dry due to which there is a fear of infection on the sensitive skin. In such a situation, to keep the scalp hydrated, you must apply a hair mask. You can apply egg hair mask or you can use honey and coconut oil hair mask. These hair masks can strengthen hair follicles

4. Drink lots of water

Hair also breaks due to lack of water in winter. Apart from this, it will be necessary to have a good combination of vitamins B and E in the diet. Include things like curd, fish, soya or paneer in your diet. Hair can become strong by getting protein and essential vitamins.

5. Do not forget to comb daily

In winter, some people do not comb their hair regularly many times due to laziness and wearing a cap. It affects the hair. If combing is not done then the roots of the hair become weak and the hair may start hurting. By combing the hair, the hair is not only organized, but the circulation of blood in the roots of the hair becomes faster, due to which the roots of the hair become stronger. If you do not comb, then the roots of the hair will be weak and the hair will start falling fast. That’s why comb hair regularly.

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