Ganja Plant: A person who was growing ganja plants at home was arrested.. Estimated to be 17 kg.. | Man Growing Ganja plant at Home in Martur Ongole District

Planting has started in the cities even on the terraces. But one house owner thought he was different from everyone else.. He started growing cannabis trees in his house.

Even if every house in rural areas has a small space.. In addition to coconut and mango trees, flowers, crotons and vegetable plants are grown for beauty. They consider those plants as children of their house. But recently in the cities, even on the terraces, the cultivation of plants has started. But a house owner thinks that he is different from everyone else.. alone in the premises of his house Growing cannabis trees He started. As the matter did not come to the attention of the police, the windows are being counted. Going into details..

A house owner is growing four ganja trees in the premises of a house in Martur in the joint Prakashan district. Ten people noticed them and complained to the police. Parchure SEB officials who arrived in the field immediately attacked the house. Parchure Seb officials seized the grown marijuana plants. The four trees are said to be eight feet tall. Officials said that it is estimated that there will be 17 kg of cannabis. The owner of the house who was growing marijuana was arrested. Another fugitive is being hunted.

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