Eyes Health: Are your eyes watering every time you use a mobile phone? This may be the accident..!

Eyes Health

Nowadays, mobile usage has increased tremendously. It has become an addiction. Many people do not leave their mobiles and laptops at all from the time they wake up in the morning to the time they go to bed at night. However, looking at the cell phone for a long time is normal for watery eyes.

Reasons for watery eyes

1. Dry Eyes: Eye muscles are the most active and sensitive muscles in our body. Their job is to prevent dry eyes. If you keep your eyes open for a long time, water will come immediately. In fact, when water, oil and mucus are not balanced in the body, the eyes become dry. At such a time the eyes water.

2. Allergies: The blue light from the mobile causes watery eyes. However, this is not the reason every time. Allergies also cause watery eyes. It also causes itchy eyes. It should be treated immediately.

3. Eyelid inflammation: Healthy eyelids are important for keeping your eyes healthy. Any kind of swelling in the eyelids causes itchy eyes. Water comes from the eyes.

4. Infections: Bacterial and viral infections can also cause watery eyes. Due to this, the eyes become red and watery. This disease is especially common in children.

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