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Mrigashira ended southwest not trace?. Two weeks after the start of the rainy season, there is no greeting? As the month of June is ending.. there is no joy in the eyes of the farmers. Due to El Nino effect, drought is inevitable this year Skymate. What is El Niño? Let’s know what Skymate Warning is..

Rains start every year from the beginning of Mrigasira. Rains begin in June and peak in July and August. Even though Mrigasira is over this time, there is no rain, the temperature is recorded at 40 to 45 degrees, and the people are shivering. On the other hand, the farmer is eagerly waiting for a trace of a drop towards the clouds of sorrow. Farmers are worried that if the rains fall late, the crop yields will decrease. But this year the southwest monsoon has hit Kerala late this time. El Nino will not occur in the Pacific Ocean.. In addition to this, due to the formation of a typhoon in the Arabian Sea, there will be no rains, according to the officials of the Meteorological Department. According to Sky Met forecast, it will rain in the country after the first week of July. Even if there is rain, Skymet predicts rain-like conditions in central and western India. Earlier, the weather department of the government has revealed that there will not be much rain this year.

El Nino occurs once every 3 to 7 years. El Nino is a type of seasonal change in the Pacific Ocean. If El Nino occurs.. Monsoons will be affected and weak in our country between the months of June and October. Thus the rains are delayed. With the El Nino effect, we also feel warmer in winter. Summers become hotter. All droughts in the last 20 years have occurred during El Nino years. As this is also an El Nino year, there is a chance that the agricultural production will decrease due to its effect. El Nino has occurred in the Pacific Ocean 14 times in the last 65 years. But 9 times there was a large scale drought in India. Even though there was drought in our country 5 times, the effect of El Nino was minimal.

According to experts, environmentalists have estimated that 5 crore saplings should be planted in Telangana to control the effects of this heat. From this we can understand how much the weather has changed. In addition to the changing way of life.. due to the things we are using, the atmosphere is warming the average global temperature by 0.2 degrees Celsius in a decade, scientists said. 50 famous scientists have given this warning. Scientists say that from 2013 to 2022, temperatures are increasing due to human-caused environmental changes.

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