Drugs Case: One day custody for drug peddler Mohit

Drugs Case

Mohit, who was arrested in a drug case, will be taken into police custody shortly. He will be questioned till 5 pm. The narcotics department police suspect that Mohit has contact with around 50 celebrities. To this end, the contact list in Mohit’s cell phone was collected. The police are trying to find out about Mohit’s relationship with them by questioning him. Bollywood actress Neha’s husband Mohit is also working as an international DJ manager.

In this order, the police suspect that parties are being organized in many pubs in Hyderabad and drugs are being supplied. Mohit Bandaram’s stash came to light when Goa drug smuggler Edwin was arrested in November last year. The narcotics wing police alleged that Mohit bought the drugs from Edwin and supplied them in pubs.

On the other hand, the court granted bail to real estate trader Krishna Kishore, who was caught by the police along with Mohit. Police investigation revealed that Krishna Kishore was using drugs from Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore. Krishna Kishorechanchal will be released from Guda Jail after the Nampally court granted conditional bail.

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