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Many people like to drink cold cola drinks during summer. People like to drink cola drinks of different companies.

Many people like to drink cold cola drinks during summer. People like to drink cola drinks of different companies. But doctors keep warning that these kola products are not so good for health. In fact, doctors have always said that consuming kola products will cause health problems, but experts warn that consuming kola products can also cause skin diseases. Now let us know the full details about this.

>> Cola products contain the highest percentage of sugar. Most of the sugar is added to flavor the drink. Taking in large amounts of sugar will put more stress on your liver and pancreas. It also affects your skin. Consuming too many cola products can make your skin look dull and dull.

>> Consuming too much cola products can cause dehydration in the body. Because when a large percentage of sugar and caffeine enter our body, the body gets dehydrated, then our skin also becomes dehydrated and becomes dull.

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>> Also, consuming large amounts of kola products can cause hormonal changes in the body, resulting in acne breakouts. Acne is more likely to occur on the face as well as on other parts of the body. Some of the ingredients used in kola products cause infection in the blood. As a result, the skin glands are likely to be blocked when consuming kola products in excess. As a result, acne, dead skin and black spots are likely to form on the skin.

And what to substitute for cola products:

– If you want to drink in summer then the first choice is coconut water. Coconut water works like a miracle during summers and coconut water is a great solution to replace the lost minerals in the body as well as natural salts. Moreover, the body hydrates by consuming coconut water. Also the skin looks bright.

– Taking buttermilk can also help you get better hydration during summers. In summer the skin loses its most important salts in the form of sweat. Buttermilk is a good alternative to replace them. Taking buttermilk before going out in the sun can cause sunburn.

-Consumption of barley water also hydrates the body. As a result, your skin will also look brighter. Barley grains are soaked in water and then boiled and mixed with lemon sugar to cool the body.

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