Do you know why the chains on the back of the truck touch the ground.. their function is.. | Why is the rear chain of the truck touching the ground, what is its function

This is especially the case in trucks carrying any flammable substance like petrol, kerosene or any gas. Let’s know its function.

Various types of vehicles are seen while running on the road. Their shape varies according to their function. A car small enough to be carried by a few people from one place to another. In this, vehicles like trucks etc. carry large quantities of goods. They are designed accordingly. It is interesting that people in India have many curiosities related to trucks. One such curiosity is why there is an iron chain or chain hanging from the bottom of the truck? Some people think that the truck driver must have installed it for the design. But it is not so. This chain is placed on the back of the truck for a very special reason.

Chains tied to the bottom of some trucks. You must have noticed this chain hanging from the road. Seeing this, the question of why this chain keeps hanging is definitely on everyone’s mind. This is essential in trucks with a round tank at the back, i.e. in trucks carrying any combustible material like petrol, kerosene or any gas.

That is why this chain is hanging

In fact, due to running over the truck or due to friction, a static charge (charge) accumulates. Introducing a static charge poses a risk of sparking in the truck. In such a situation, the risk of fire increases in a truck carrying flammable materials. To avoid this, this chain is tied to the truck. As this chain touches the ground, the entire charge goes to the ground. The truck is safe. This chain transmits all the charge on the truck to the ground.

This chain is made of any metal like iron or any other metal which is a good conductor of electricity. In India, many people hang iron chain, apart from this, this chain is also available separately in the market.

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